English literature:

"Biophysical Therapy of Allergies“, Peter Schumacher


"Test Sets According to Dr. P. Schumacher“, Peter Schumacher


"Allergy and Oscillation“, Dr. Jürgen Hennecke

"Bioresonance Therapy“, Reinhold D. Will

"Parasites- the Hidden Cause of Many Diseases", Allan Baklayan

"Bioresonance & Multiresonance Therapy (BRT: New, Forward-Looking Forms of Therapy with Ultrafine Body Energies & Environmental Signals.) Documentation on Theory and Practice Volume 1 (Hardcover)", Hans Brügemann

Every year the 
Regumed Institute in Munich, Germany hosts doctors from around the world who present their latest developments and successes with BICOM® Resonance Therapy. These books are a compilation of the papers presented at this annual event and they  full of fascinating case histories.


RTI booklet 24 - 2000

RTI booklet 25 - 2001

RTI booklet 26 - 2002

RTI booklet 27 - 2003

RTI booklet 28 - 2004

RTI booklet 29 - 2005

RTI booklet 30 - 2006

RTI booklet 31 - 2007

RTI booklet 32 - 2008

RTI booklet 33 - 2009

Littérature en français:


"Ondes et Allergies", Dr. Jürgen Hennecke

Literatura en español:

"Ondas y Alergias", Dr. Jürgen Hennecke


"Terapia de Biorresonancia", Reinhold D. Will